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Carlos Martner

Director of the Center for Transport Integration IMT


Carlos Daniel Martner Peyrelongue has a major in Human Settlement Planning and Design from Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico (UAM-X). He held a postgraduate in Urban and Regional Planning from National Institute of Public Administration, Madrid, Spain, and a Ph.D. in Transport and Regional Development from UAM-X. Currently, he is the Director the of Center for Transport Integration at the Mexican Institute of Transportation (IMT) and member of the National System of Researchers of the National Council of Science of Mexico (CONACYT). Dr. Martner is a Visiting Professor of several universities in Mexico and Latin America where he taught maritime logistics, integrated logistics, modal and territorial integration of maritime ports, globalization and intermodal transportation as well as regional mobility of goods and people. Dr. Carlos Martner regularly publishes his research results in top scientific journals, books, chapters of scientific books and as speaker of globally recognized scientific conferences as the International Congress on Logistics and Supply Chain (CiLOG) organized by the Mexican Logistics and Supply Chain Association (AML).


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