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Collective Intelligence at Work is not only a sentence; it is a complete paradigm on which the IMT SiT-LOG has been developed. Building knowledge together and future logistic technology is the challenge. The IMT SiT-LOG works each day with experts located in different parts of the world to create in Mexico and Latin America the next step of global logistics.


With the increasing competition between organization, as well as the growing regionalization of global markets, the sophistication level of supply chains is also increasing. In fact, the logistical abilities are more and more a differentiating element of the competitiveness for companies and regions. The importance granted to the logistical knowledge by leader organizations is such that some multinational companies are developing complex knowledge management systems.


With the rise of the Internet, knowledge is widely spread. Nonetheless, this does not mean that all organizations reach the same access level. It might be because of inherent technological restrictions, or more simply, because of a lack of technical ability to identify the knowledge that would be useful for their operations.


It is in this context of an improved interaction between groups of people who not only wish to expand knowledge, but also to develop it and apply it successfully to specific problems that the concept of “Collective Intelligence” was born. Examples such as how the structure of an enzyme that had remained a mystery for fifteen years was discovered in three weeks through a collective game; or the development in only ten years, by millions of people, of one of the greatest encyclopedias in the history of humanity (Wikipedia) show the potential people working in an interconnected way have.


It is under this paradigm that the IMT SiT-LOG has developed its own platform (now used by different companies leader in logistics), not only to get knowledge and new practices, but also to make it evolve with the collective help of global experts from companies and universities with which our laboratory work. Come and be part of the Collective Intelligence at Work!.



Train with the best! Our network counts with over 160 experts located in Mexico and around the world.


Access the results of research and technology innovation. Get strategic advice to find public funding to develop your projects.


Thanks to our world-class abilities, you can count on us to give distinctive added value to your products and services.


Supply chain design

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Help from the design of your supply chain strategy to the mathematical modeling and development of software that bring your company to the next level.

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Logistic drones

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We develop drones technology to support logistical tasks of surveillance, emergencies, and goods transportation.

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Transportation systems and logistics

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Modern operation leadership requires more and more specific knowledge. You will find in us state-of-the-art answers to solve your strategic problems and your daily challenges.

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