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We are convinced that with knowledge, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit, we can all together develop the collective intelligence needed to reach the concrete goal you set.


Our main goal is to offer concrete solutions in logistics, transportation, and supply chain. Our knowledge in applied research and technology innovation meets a network of associated partners around the world to help you reach the economic growth and competitiveness through innovation.

From this perspective, the IMT SiT-LOG has developed and implemented over 90 research and development projects with national and regional industry as well as in North America.

Our researchers have published acknowledged books and indexed scientific papers in these fields.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the members of the IMT SiT-LOG made us design and operate organizations leaders in transforming logistics in Mexico, such as the Mexican Logistics and Supply Chain Association (AML), the National Observatory on Transportation and Logistics, International Research Network on Transportation Systems and Logistics, National Model in Transportation and logistics, among others. It is also an active force in the International Congress on Logistics and Supply Chain (CILOG)


Our expertise

Supply chain fluidity
The research team on Supply Chain Fluidity is a multi-disciplinary group that designs, tests, and implements models and information systems to increase the abilities of organizations to continuously reach a safe, accurate, and trustworthy flow of products and information. As such,it helps you reach the goals of your supply chain.

Security and Risk Management in Supply Chain
The research team on Security and Risk Management in Supply Chain works on models and systems that improve the operation of efficient and safe supply chains. As such, and among other important topics, it focuses on developing predictive models, risk analysis systems, analyzing potential disruptions in supply chain flows, measuring the impacts of risk propagation throughout the supply chain and, designing technology that guarantees the effective and safe operation of the supply chain processes.

Agro-logistics for a better future
This research group’s mission focuses on connecting effectively the offer of agro-food products to the demand from the market so costs can be reduced. By taking into account the National System of Agro-parks, it mainly works on planning and designing strategically located agro-logistical and multimodal actives. This group also focuses on developing based-on-demand business models, which allow producers to improve their inputs to meet the market’s demands. Finally, it wishes to create human resources and tools to disseminate and follow information as well as generate knowledge, training, productivity, and competitiveness to supply and transport perishable goods.

Financial Supply Chain
Here, we wish to offer models and systems that cut the money cycle inside the supply chain and therefore increase value for shareholders

Stock management
From a supply chain perspective, this research group offers strategies and models of stock management that increase the efficiency of logistic operations. Contributions are inserted in the area of stochastic models where uncertainty could find its origin in both demand and offer.

Intermodal transportation systems
Our research group in intermodal transportation systems is one of the most famous ones worldwide. Its contributions have not only helped top decision-makers from the Mexican government, but also companies and other government of the region. We focus mainly on infrastructure planning, cargo transportation, logistic corridor, transportation network modeling, and future logistics parks design to create key nodes that improve the effectiveness of the supply chain.

Urban supply chains
Here, we analyze and offer quantitative models that combine the impacts of urban growth to retailers’ supply chains. New models and routing technologies are analyzed. In fact, because of the important growth of urban areas in Latin America and of the consumption growth in these areas, proper delivery on time to thousands of neighborhood stores (nanostores) is a real challenge for companies.

Supply chain clusters
Wishing to increase collective intelligence in organizations, this research group offers models and systems integrating both the industrial cluster approach as well as the supply chain approach to improve competitiveness of the organizations and the regions where they operate. Integrating these two approaches through unique IT tools is revolutionizing regions such as Querétaro State by making it pioneer in implementing this new approach.

Sustainable supply chains
This research group offers models that enable to integrate an environmental approach in logistics decision-making in what is now called “circular economy.” This innovative approach is a new land to develop research in operations management from a systems approach that takes into account economical, environmental, and financial aspects.


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Supply chain design

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Help from the design of your supply chain strategy to the mathematical modeling and development of software that bring your company to the next level.

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Logistic drones

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We develop drones technology to support logistical tasks of surveillance, emergencies, and goods transportation.

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Transportation systems and logistics

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Modern operation leadership requires more and more specific knowledge. You will find in us state-of-the-art answers to solve your strategic problems and your daily challenges.

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