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Gabriela García

Senior Researcher IMT


Gabriela Garcia has a Master Degree in Geography Applied to Planning by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), where she also obtained her Bachelor Degree in Geography. Her work at IMT, as senior researcher at the Coordination of Transport Integration, is currently oriented to the spatial analysis of rail freight transport in Mexico, the understanding of its dynamics and, in broader terms, to the study of the economic and spatial organization of the country and its regions from the perspective of logistics and transportation systems.At other times, her work has been involved in the support thatgeotechnologies, especially Geographic Information Systems, offer tothe transportation world. For example, to the pavements management and safeguarding of roads heritage, incidentally the topic of her master dissertation: “Information system for the spatial analysis of risks in the national roads network. Disasters management, a global concept for the safety of roads heritage”,with whichshe obtained her Master’s degree with Honors.In the field of education her practice has not been limited to the classroom; it has extended to areas related to academic coordination, the monitoring of the pedagogical work and advancement of teachers and the attention and follow up of needs and achievements of students. In addition to participating in the proposal of creating the Degree of Environmental Geography approved by the Autonomous Universityof Queretaro in 2010, where she is a Part Time Teacher, she teaches also in the Socio-territorial Studies Bachelor’s Degreeat the Political and Social Sciences Faculty of the same university. MA Garcia publishes her research in recognized scientific journals as Engineering, Investigation and Technology of the Engineering Faculty of UNAM and the Transport and Territory Journal of the Geography Institute of the University of Buenos Aires and in recognized scientific congresses like the International Logistics and Supply Chain Congress (CiLOG)organized by the Mexican Logistics and Supply Chain Association (AML).


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