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Javier Portugal

Dean of Engineering and Technology School ITSON


Javier Portugal Vásquez is the Dean of Engineering and Technology School, and a Professor of the Department of Industrial Engineering at Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora (ITSON). His research areas are related to production planning, demand management, inventory management, and supply chain management. He has a major in Industrial Engineering, a M.Sc. in Productive Systems Optimization, and a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. He is member of the Academic Corps “Productive Chains” that is recognized by the Mexican Secretariat of Public Education (SEP). Javier Portugal is the academic responsible of the “Logistics Systems” set of courses in the Master degree program in Logistics and Quality Management. He is academic thesis supervisor of undergraduate and graduate studies in topics concerning logistics and supply chain, operations research, production planning, lean manufacturing and inventory management. Javier Portugal is author and co-author of various scientific papers, books and chapters in logistics and chain of supply topics. Hefrequently publishes in scientific journals, and participate as speaker in recognized scientific conferences. Javier Portugal has led applied research projects founded by the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) as well as by public agencies and private companies.


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Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora
5 de Febrero 818 Sur, Col. Centro
C.P. 85000, Ciudad Obregón, Sonora